February 4, 2020

With winter still in full swing, your heater is being put to the test to keep you comfortable. But what if it isn’t acting right? Is something about to break? A furnace breakdown in the middle of winter is never pleasant. Pay close attention to your system and keep reading for signs that your furnace needs repair.

#1: Unreliable heating.

If you’ve set your heater to a specific temperature and it doesn’t adjust to that temperature, chances are, there could be something wrong. Perhaps it’s stopping in the middle of its cycle or it’s simply not turning on. Ignoring signs like this could mean there is an internal component that isn’t functioning well, and it could mean you’re prone to a full system breakdown. Furnace reliability is very important during the winter season. To ensure it’s running at peak efficiency, call us right away to schedule a repair or tune-up appointment. We’ll quickly diagnose the problem and recommend steps to fix it.

#2: Loud noises or unusual smells.

If you’ve recently noticed strange sounds coming from your machine, don’t ignore them. Clanging, banging, and clicks are not normal. In addition, if you notice any unusual odors coming from the machine, this could also indicate an issue with some internal components.

#3: Increasing energy bills.

Did you open your energy bill last month and do a double-take? Once the colder weather hits, you’ll be running the furnace more than usual and that usually means a bit of an increase in your electricity and gas usage. However, if you notice an out of the ordinary spike when compared to past winters, there could be a problem with your furnace. Utility bill increases can be directly linked to your machine.

Whether it’s a broken blower, wiring that needs to be replaced, or something bigger, our experienced team at Climate Control can get your furnace working well. That means you’ll have the reliable system that you come to count on during the winter and you will be able to keep warm for the rest of this season. Call us today to get your appointment scheduled.

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