July 15, 2022
AC Installation in Portland, OR

Freezing up can be a sign that the AC system needs some maintenance. This can be as simple as replacing the air filter or taking apart some components to check for clogs in lines. If you are experiencing a problem with the system that is hard to solve, it might be time to call a professional.

Knowing the symptoms of an AC problem may make it easier to find a quick fix. Keep in mind that a simple cleaning can’t fix some issues. You may hear a hissing sound coming from the vents, often caused by a refrigerant leak. Or, your system may not be working at all.

1. Turn off the Air Conditioner

Turn the AC off but leave the blower on. This is to prevent the system from continuing to freeze.

2. Thaw It

You may want to let the system thaw naturally. The blower will help with defrosting as it pulls warm air through the coils. It may take hours to thaw, so be patient.

3. Dry the Coils

After thawing completely, the coils will be left wet. You should not turn the AC when the coils are still wet but instead let them dry. Once dry, the system will normally work. However, you must prevent this from happening again.

While waiting for the coils to dry, you should clean them. When they are dirty, the AC won’t function efficiently. This is because its work is to absorb the heat from the air. When this doesn’t happen, the refrigerant cools too much and freezes the coil.

Evaporator coils also tend to build up rust and dirt, which should be cleaned. You will see a tube leading from the front of the AC unit to the back. The coils are near this tube, most likely near the compressor for your particular AC unit. If you don’t see them or have any doubt as to where they are, feel free to call a professional for assistance.

4. Clean and Replace the Air Filters

The air filter on your unit may have collected enough dust, pollen, and other allergens to slow the airflow. You should clean or change it to improve the efficiency of your AC. This will also be an excellent time to check for any damage done in addition to cleaning the coils.

A dirty or clogged air filter reduces indoor air quality and can lead to respiratory diseases. The air filter should be cleaned and replaced regularly.

5. Open All Dampers

Check to see if all dampers are opened. If they all aren’t opened, you need to as you must allow a flow of air through the system.

6. Clean the Ducts and Remove Obstructions From the Vents

A clogged or blocked vent will affect the cooling performance of your AC. You should clean the ducts with a vacuum cleaner to remove debris and debris. Blocked vents reduce airflow, causing the AC to freeze.

7. Check and Unclog the Condensate Line

If the condensate line is clogged, you must clear it by unclogging the lines and tubes. It’s essential to clean these lines and make sure they are open enough to provide your unit with proper airflow. If not, the unit may freeze up again.

To check for blocks, follow the drain line to the outside. This is where water will be draining when defrosting. If there is no water leaking, the line might be blocked.

8. Call a Professional to Fix a Refrigerant Leak

Low refrigerant can be the reason your AC freezes up. This is because the pressure in the evaporator coils drops, allowing moisture in the air to freeze on the coils. A leak in the system might cause low levels. If this is the case, we suggest you call a professional to ensure your AC is safe for use.

Maintaining your AC unit is crucial in maintaining a comfortable temperature for the entire family. By maintaining your system regularly, you will safeguard its performance and extend the service life of your system. A professional will help you understand the importance of general AC maintenance and help you make sure your system remains in working order. Climate Control in Portland, OR, can help install and maintain your cooling system.

In conclusion, freezing up can signify that the AC system needs maintenance. If you are experiencing a problem with the system that is hard to solve, it might be time for a professional. We offer indoor air quality, heating, and air conditioning services to Portland, OR residents. Contact Climate Control today for more information.

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