June 13, 2024
DIY vs. Professional Air Conditioning Installation: Why You Should Call an Expert

DIY air conditioning installation can be a tempting way to save money, especially if you enjoy working with your hands. That does not mean it is always a good idea. Air conditioners are complicated machines, and you need specialized skills to install them. If you make mistakes, you can easily damage your new air conditioner or home. You can also hurt yourself. Professional installation avoids those problems and offers a variety of practical benefits.

1. Stay Safe

Home improvement projects can be dangerous, especially when working with electricity. You can electrocute yourself when you work with wires, but the real danger comes after you finish the project. Shoddy wiring is a fire hazard and destroy your home years after you work on it. Your air conditioner’s refrigerant can also be dangerous. It is toxic, and a large dose can be lethal. Experienced technicians understand the risks and have the training to protect themselves. Everyone else should let the experts handle dangerous tasks.

2. Save Time

You are likely to spend several days installing a new air conditioner. It will disrupt your lifestyle and force you to skip other activities. Experts can get the work done relatively quickly. They will minimize the disruption to your home.

3. Avoid Performance Issues

Air conditioners are surprisingly sensitive machines. New systems are usually more efficient and reliable than outdated air conditioners, but that relies on proper installation. Shoddy work can easily eliminate those advantages and even make new systems less efficient than old ones. Inefficient air conditioners waste energy and offer inconsistent cooling, harming the environment and reducing your comfort. Professional installation will ensure you can enjoy the benefits of a new air conditioner.

4. Maintain the Warranty

If you install your air conditioner, you are responsible for the final result. DIY projects almost always void all of the warranties on new air conditioners. If you need to repair your system, you will either pay to hire an expert or do it yourself. The cost of repairs can add up quickly. The DIY approach will be cheaper, but it will take a lot of your time over the years. If you preserve the warranty by hiring experts, it will be much easier to solve problems in the future.

5. Escape Frustration

DIY projects usually look easy until you get started. If you have never installed an air conditioner, you may be surprised by the difficulty. You will need to learn new skills, work hard, and fix any mistakes. It is usually a frustrating and stressful experience. We encourage people to preserve their mental health and avoid stress by letting us do the hard work.

6. Prevent Future Problems

You can expect to enjoy your new air conditioner for years. If you damage it, you can expect to cope with the damage for years. Some of them, such as loud fans, are just nuisances. On the other hand, you may have to deal with years of frequent repairs. You can avoid that by installing the system properly, but that usually means hiring professionals.

7. Protect Your Home

It is easy to damage a home when you install an air conditioner. For example, you may need to drill through your walls to place wires. If you put them in the wrong spot, you will either need to fix the wall or live with gaps. You can also damage your electrical system if you need to adjust it. Even simple tasks risk damaging your home. If you are careless when you move heavy components, you can dent your walls and floors. These mistakes tend to be expensive. You can try to fix them yourself, but that can easily lead to more accidents. You can save money by hiring a professional who will not break anything.

Let Us Install Your AC

If you want to stay safe and enjoy a working air conditioner, you need to hire a skilled installation team. At Climate Control, we have the skills and experience to do the job right. We provide air conditioning services in Portland, OR. Our team also has experience with heaters, generators, and most forms of HVAC technology. We have been taking care of homes in the Portland area for decades.

Our community knows they can trust us, and we work hard to live up to their expectations. We offer good service, honest advice, and flexible scheduling to make your project as convenient as possible.

If you are ready for a new air conditioner, reach out to Climate Control to get started.

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