January 10, 2023
HVAC Maintenance in Portland, OR

Freezing temperatures have already made their way into the Pacific Northwest, and as we continue into the winter of 2023, it’s important to have your furnace operating at peak efficiency. Keep this checklist in mind.

Ensure vents are clear: Make sure the vents around your home are not covered by furniture, rugs, or other items. This obstructs airflow and keeps warm air from circulating through the home. It also puts additional strain on your system, causing it to work harder than necessary.

Check air filters: When was the last time you cleaned or replaced your furnace filters? This is a simple home maintenance task to complete, but unfortunately, it’s often neglected. Clean air filters prolong the lifespan of your furnace. They also help your system to function at optimal efficiency, which saves energy and keeps utility bills down. We recommend cleaning or replacing filters every one to two months, especially when your furnace is running 24/7 during the winter.

Stay on top of preventative maintenance appointments: Professional HVAC maintenance is key to ensuring your system is kept problem-free. Our licensed team at Climate Control will closely check all of the components of your furnace: blowers, indoor coils, ducts, and more. We’ll make sure there is nothing blocked and that all connections are safe and secure. If there is a problem, we’ll talk to you about solutions so you can rest knowing you won’t have an unexpected furnace breakdown on a cold winter day.

Your furnace works hard during the cold months, so make sure to do your part to keep it running as it should. This translates to comfort for years to come, and no expensive repairs that put a dent in your savings account. Call us today to schedule your professional furnace tune-up or to learn about a furnace replacement.

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