August 4, 2022
Extreme Heat in Portland, OR

The heat this summer has been intense! People all over Oregon are keeping their air conditioning running at all hours of the day to make sure they stay cool. Relying on your cooling system that much means that you need a system that is functioning at its peak. Here’s how to make sure that it stays that way – even when the heat becomes extreme.

#1: Don’t forget about the windows.

It’s nice to open the blinds in your home to see the beautiful summer sky. However, if the windows are open all day while the heat is blazing outside, the air conditioning system needs to work harder to cool the warm air that is streaming through the windows. So, consider keeping your curtains or blinds closed for a while during the hottest parts of the day. Also, when the weather is cooler in the early morning, you can turn off your AC for a break and open the windows to help cool the home.

#2: Turn it down when you leave.

If you plan on leaving for vacation for an extended time or a quick day trip to the beautiful Oregon coast to cool down, you don’t need to keep your home’s cooling system running at full speed. Turn the temperature up on the system or turn it off completely. An even better solution is to install a programmable thermostat to help save energy and reduce excess usage when you’re away. This product allows you to set a ‘smart schedule’ for your system that’s based on your unique needs. You simply program it to turn up or down when you need it, whether you are home or not. This maximizes efficiency!

#3: Schedule routine maintenance.

Professional yearly tune-ups from our team at Climate Control reduce your risk of the system breaking down unexpectedly. Not to mention, it ensures that you have things running well and at peak efficiency, which can help with your utility bill. At Climate Control, we take time to inspect your machine closely and will help diagnose any prospective issues we notice before they turn into something larger.

#4: Clean or replace your air filters.

Your air filters should be changed monthly or bi-monthly. Clogged filters require the machine to work harder, which puts strain on the internal components. This is a simple home maintenance task that really makes a huge difference in how your system operates.

Call our experienced team at Climate Control today to get your cooling system serviced, repaired, or to get a quote on a replacement. No matter how extreme the heat gets this year, we are here to help get you the cooling system you need to stay comfortable!

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