March 9, 2023
AC Maintenance in Portland, OR

Before you know it, we’ll be saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring weather. Spring is the best time to pay attention to your heating and cooling system. Here are some important details to remember.

#1: Don’t forget to clean your air filters

Air filters help capture dust, dirt, and other harmful particles that enter the air inside your home or commercial space. If your air filters are neglected, debris will build up. These dirty filters will allow dusty, dirty air inside, negatively impacting your indoor air quality. To avoid this, clean or replace your filters every other month. The thicker the filter is, the more layers of dust, debris, and dirt collection there are to consider. Clogged filters also cause your system to work harder, which causes extra wear and tear on your machine and can increase your energy bill.

#2: Schedule your spring maintenance tune-up

Cars need oil changes. Your body needs regular checkups. Your heating and cooling system needs tune-ups, too! Professional maintenance on your machine is critical to prolonging the life of the system. And, it gives you the peace of mind you need knowing that there likely won’t be any unexpected breakdowns or expensive repairs needed. During this appointment, we will run an energy efficiency check, clean or replace filters, clean the blower motor, and make sure there are no glaring issues that could pose a problem later. If there are any potential problems, we’ll discuss what those are and make a plan to fix it.

#3: Remember your indoor air quality

Spring weather is in the air, and that means allergies might be increasing. Sometimes the change of season brings bacteria into your home and you might be fighting a virus. Seasonal allergens, bacteria, mold, or other particles can make their way through your system and into the air you breathe. Consider installing an air purification system that will help minimize the contact you have with pathogens that irritate your sinuses or body. We install and carry top quality air purification systems that work in tandem with your heating and cooling system. Call us today to learn about your options.

Our experienced Climate Control team is standing by to help with your HVAC maintenance, repair, or replacement. Contact us today to get your spring appointment scheduled.

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