September 7, 2021
Fall HVAC Maintenance in Portland, OR

School is back in session and the summer weather is winding down. Autumn is right around the corner. Now is the time to plan for the seasonal changes that are coming and get your HVAC system ready. Here are some tips.

#1: Check your air filters

Your system works hard to filter outdoor air and rid it of dust, pollen, dust, and other particles that try to get into your home. Over time, this type of debris builds up and clogs the filter. If this happens, the system works hard to get your home to your ideal temperature. This can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the machine. So, be sure to clean or change your filter every one to two months.

#2: Consider a programmable thermostat

Looking to save energy? Do you want added convenience to control your home’s temperature while you are away? Fall weather can bring fluctuating temperatures, and a programmable thermostat is a great way to ensure you stay comfortable all season long. You can program the thermostat to turn off and on a certain time – even if you’re away from home. These devices are affordable and can help save you significant energy, which translates to saved money in the long run!

#3: Schedule your fall preventative maintenance tune-up

If you want your heating and cooling system to last longer and run more efficiently, keeping on top of routine maintenance is key. Autumn is the best time to check your system and get a professional tune-up. This will ensure that the machine runs throughout the fall and winter with no unexpected breakdowns. HVAC repairs can be expensive and stressful, and they leave you without the heat that you need once the brisk autumn days start. Our experienced team of technicians at Climate Control will check your system’s internal components, make sure it’s running at peak efficiency, and clean the air filters. If there is an issue that we notice, we will discuss them with you so you can plan for a repair or replacement.

So, when you’re working on your home maintenance to-do list, don’t forget to include your heating and cooling system, too. Call us today to get your maintenance appointment scheduled!

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