December 5, 2022
Furnace Maintenance in Portland, OR

Temperatures are dropping and snow and ice are already making their way into Oregon. With the onset of December, it’s important for you to make sure your furnace is taken care of, so it won’t break down during winter storms. Here are some tips to consider.

#1: Get your furnace professionally tuned up

Don’t delay in scheduling your annual maintenance appointment! There’s nothing worse than turning on your heat when you need it and having it not work reliably. Professional maintenance appointments are beneficial because our experienced and knowledgeable Climate Control team will clean the filters, and check that all internal components are secure and working properly. If there are any problems, we will talk you through repair options and get it up and running quickly.

#2: Seal doors and windows

If your windows and doors are leaky or drafty, you’ll be wasting precious warm air that’s inside. Not to mention, your system will have to work harder than necessary, and that puts strain on it. Over time, this causes unnecessary wear and tear on the furnace, which could lead to a malfunction or total system breakdown. So, make sure your doors and windows are sealed properly, so they can work in tandem with your furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable.

#3: Replace air filters

Your furnace wouldn’t function properly without air filters. They literally filter the air – helping trap allergens, pet dander, debris, and dirt – so you don’t have to breathe in those harmful particles. Unfortunately, many furnace breakdowns happen because air filters are clogged, and the machine must compensate for that by working harder. To avoid disruption in your heating system’s service to your home, clean or replace filters monthly or bi-monthly.
Ready to schedule a maintenance appointment for your furnace? Or maybe you want to talk to us about getting a new system replaced before winter, or you need a repair. We can help! Contact our experienced, no-pressure sales team at Climate Control today!

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