Poor indoor air quality can be corrected with air purifiers, filtration systems, UV lights, ventilation and dehumidifiers in Tualatin, OR. Contaminants in the air can be the cause of health symptoms, like skin, eyes and nose irritation, headaches, dizziness and fatigue, and trigger respiratory diseases and heart diseases. Some contaminants are even highly correlated with cancer.


    Cleaning up the air and improving indoor air quality will greatly benefit your quality of living. Not only does it improve physical health symptoms, but also mental ones as well. You’ll feel more energetic and be in a better mood. To figure out how to improve indoor air quality, Climate Control will first need to conduct an air quality test. From there, we’ll figure out which types of filtration systems and appliances can get rid of the contaminants that are present in your home.

    Benefits of Installing Dehumidifiers

    The ideal relative humidity range for homes should fall between 30% and 60%. What’s most comfortable to you will vary. Some people prefer more humid environments while others prefer environments that are drier. The problem is when the relative humidity exceeds 60%. High humidity levels not only encourage mold and mildew growth, but can also damage the furniture in your home, as well as the walls, ceiling and floorboard.

    There are many ways to combat high humidity levels, but the best one is to install a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier will extract moisture from the air to regulate relative humidity levels within the home.

    Some of the benefits you’ll reap from installing a dehumidifier include:
    • Eradicate musty, foul odors
    • Inhibit dust mites
    • Protect the home from water damage
    • Minimize condensation on walls and windows

    There are many different types of dehumidifiers. We highly recommend installing a whole-house dehumidifier, as it will allow you to control and regulate humidity levels within the entire home. They’re more effective than individual units that can only control certain zones and small areas.

    We also offer indoor air quality service in:

    Benefits of Having Good Ventilation Systems

    Breathing in clean, fresh air is good for not only your physical health, but your mental one as well. Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors. In fact, a lot of people have remote jobs now that allow them to work from home. This means that it’s increasingly important to ensure that the ventilation in Tualatin in your home is good. It’s not unusual for homes to have poor indoor air quality. In fact, indoor air can contain five times more contaminants than the air outside.

    Take the time to improve ventilation in your home. You’ll feel more energized and more productive.


    Some of the benefits that you’ll reap include:
    • Better control over condensation
    • Fewer pollutants in the air that trigger physical symptoms
    • Better overall quality of sleep
    • Longer HVAC life

    Every home will need a different solution. It depends on how your HVAC system is setup, and what the problem is. Our team will evaluate and assess your home’s system and setup to help you come up with an affordable, reasonable solution. We have years of experience in doing this!

    Advantages of Installing UV Lights

    Many people are concerned about pathogens. With flus and germs becoming a huge focus of our lives nowadays, one of the best appliances that you can install to eradicate viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic microbes from the air is UV lights. UV-C raditation can inactivate viruses and bacteria, and disinfect air, water and non-porous surfaces.

    It’s definitely worth it to look into installing UV lights.

    They’re easy to install and often quite affordable. Some advantages that you’ll get from installing UV lights include:
    • Improved respiratory condition symptoms
    • Reduced frequency of getting sick
    • Prevent asthma and allergy symptoms from getting triggered
    • Better mental clarity and mental health

    The effectiveness of the UV lights in Tualatin will depend on the dose of radiation that the pathogens were exposed to and the length of the exposure. Due to this reason, it’s important to be very critical when installing UV lights. They need to be installed in the right place for optimal efficiency.

    If you are looking to improve indoor air quality with the right types of products like UV lights and dehumidifiers in Tualatin, reach out to Climate Control today. We prioritize your comfort!

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