February 14, 2022
Air Purifier vs Dehumidifier in Portland, OR

Many homeowners are becoming more conscious of the air quality in their homes. With molds, fungi, and allergens to worry about, the help of an air purification system can make a big difference. Whether you choose to install an air purifier or a dehumidifier in your home, you should understand the benefits of each type of device and the potential trade-offs of choosing one over the other. While both systems will improve the quality of air in your home, the types of pollutants they eliminate can differ. The costs and maintenance required for each system could also influence your decision.

The Uses and Benefits of an Air Purifier

Air purifiers come in many styles and sizes. They typically use one of five types of air purification technologies that differ in their efficiency and capacity to remove harmful particles from the air. An air purifier can be rated to process the air in rooms of varying sizes. The size and type of an air purifier determine how efficiently and thoroughly it can eliminate dust, microbes, mold spores, and other contaminants from the air.

The five major types of air purification technology are:

  • High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Ultraviolet light technology
  • Negative ionization
  • Ozone air technology

The most common type of air purifier uses HEPA filters to remove contaminants from the air. These purifiers circulate a room’s air through a filter, so their size and energy consumption will determine how many cubic feet of air they can purify per hour.

The second most common type of air purifier uses activated carbon to filter the air. Like HEPA filters, activated carbon filters require periodic replacement to ensure optimal efficiency. Activated carbon neutralizes odors and removes particles with a high rate of efficiency.

Air purifiers that use UV light, negative ionization, or ozone technology purify the air without the need to replace filters. They can be highly effective at reducing harmful pollutants from the air in a cost-effective manner. Ozone filters have the added benefit of increasing the level of oxygen in the air, but they require the addition of an ozone tank.

When it comes to purifying the air, the best method is to use a HEPA or activated carbon filter. While other methods can improve air quality, they’re generally less effective than circulatory filtration systems. Most homes can benefit from an air purifier with a standard HEPA filter.

Who Can Benefit From Using a Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are another common type of air treatment system for people with allergies or chronic respiratory conditions. Like air purifiers, dehumidifiers reduce fungus and mold in the air while making it easier for allergy sufferers to breathe indoors. Many people are sensitive to the level of humidity in the air, and home dehumidifiers can reduce airborne water particles by 50% or more.

The major difference between air purifiers and dehumidifiers is that the latter can help to eliminate musty odors and mold infestations on furniture, while the former can only remove solid particles from the air. With less moisture in the air, mold spores will have less opportunity to infest fabrics and carpets in the home. Homes with musty, moldy odors in living spaces, hallways, and bathrooms can benefit from a combination of dehumidifying and a cleaning of carpets and upholstery.

With a combination of a dehumidifier and an air purifier, your home can have fresh-smelling air without any of the problems associated with airborne moisture. While most homes will use only one or the other, some people will opt for both types of air treatment technology, enjoying the benefits of crisp, clean air in every room of the house.

Should You Use an Air Purifier or a Dehumidifier?

If you’ve noticed musty smells in your home, you could benefit from a dehumidifier. However, if you simply have trouble breathing the air in your home, an air purifier could be right for you.

At Climate Control, we help our customers treat the air in their homes for maximum comfort and peace of mind. We’ll install an air purifier or a dehumidifier in your home to ensure that you have the highest quality air possible. In addition to air treatment systems, we offer a wide range of heating and cooling services for homeowners. From heating repair and installation to AC maintenance, our services are reliable and affordable. Call us today at Climate Control to schedule an appointment!

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