Heat Pump Replacement in Tigard, OR 97224

“Dennis Benjamin upgraded a Cor thermostat that was experiencing communication problems. Dennis was remarkably patient in going over operating parameters of the previous thrmst, possible replacement thrmst s , and the final selected replacement. He showed a competent knowledge in all of the parameters that can affect heating and cooling system across all seasons.

An engineer – and one equipped with special appliance energy monitoring devices – I gave Dennis a complex set of variables under which I operate my HP/gas furnace system. I feel satisfied that he presented me a thorough picture of how my system can and should operate with the given conditions, going over the thrmst programming, parameters, and possible set points. He clearly explained how the system was designed to operate, and how it would operate within my specifications. He made sure that I was capable of re-programming my thrmst when environmental conditions change, or when the system operation needed fine tuning. While probably anticipating just a quick thrmst changeout – Dennis stayed until all of my questions were answered – which were numerous and time-consuming.
Dennis provided me an operation manual which I didn't have prior – a pretty important piece of the system puzzle.

Dennis is very knowledgable, tactful, and is a good communicator of some complex topics.”

– Dave P.

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