November 8, 2022
Fall Maintenance in Portland, OR

November is here and temperatures are already dropping. With even colder temperatures on the horizon in the next few months, it’s critical to make sure your furnace is ready. Here are some things you should do to prepare your furnace.

Make sure outside debris is cleared around the unit.

Summer weeding and mowing may have ended for a bit, but autumn means falling leaves. Leaves, fallen tree branches, or other debris that accumulates around your outdoor unit after a stormy day could cause a problem. Not only could this damage the system, but it ensures nothing is in its way of running at optimal efficiency. When clutter or outside debris is around the unit, the system needs to work harder to do its job. Over time, this causes stress on the machine. This could lead to a premature system breakdown, strain on the internal components, and even increased utility bills.

Schedule your professional furnace tune-up.

Annual furnace maintenance from our team of professional technicians at Climate Control is critical. We will clean and inspect the inside of the system, make sure all components are functioning properly, and perform an energy efficiency check. If there is anything wrong or there’s something that could pose a problem in the future, we’ll talk to you about it and get it taken care of. Hidden problems could lead to costly repairs later down the road.

Check your thermostat.

Your thermostat is a small device that has a big job – it works in tandem with your furnace to keep you comfortable during the cold fall and winter days. But did you know that upgrading your thermostat to a programmable device can help save up to 20% in energy each year? That translates to more money in your pocket, and you’re doing something good for the environment. Programmable thermostats work for you on the schedule you want. Program it to turn up or turn down – even when you’re away from home. Contact us to learn more.

At Climate Control, you can count on our expertise, outstanding reputation for attentive customer service, and selection of great products. Call us today to schedule your fall maintenance tune-up, or to learn more about getting a furnace installed this year.

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