July 7, 2020

Summer is here! Warm weather will be here to stay for a while and that means you will be relying on your air conditioner in the coming months. Will your system be ready to keep up with the heat? Scheduling a professional air conditioning tune-up with our team will help ensure that it will work energy efficiency and reliability. Here are some reasons why you should get your AC serviced.

#1: Increases the lifespan of the unit.

Regular preventative maintenance will help prolong the life of your system. If it’s not examined annually, you could be risking an unexpected system breakdown right when you need the AC most. Repairs can be expensive, and it could mean that you will need to replace the system prematurely.

#2: Helps with energy efficiency.

Your air conditioner has a big job to do during the heat of summer. The blower motor and the other components that are used to cool the air work hard and if it is not tuned-up, it could be working harder than necessary. This translates to higher energy bills and increased energy usage. That is not good for the environment or your bank account. Professional AC maintenance will ensure that your system is working at its peak efficiency, just like it is designed to do. That means your utility bills won’t skyrocket and your machine won’t need to work as hard.

#3: Provides greater reliability.

Summer in the Northwest brings plenty of 80 to 90-degree days. That means the inside of your home will be hot and you’ll need to rely on your AC to keep you cool. It will be less likely to have an operational issue if you stay on top of preventative maintenance. Think of it like this: your car needs regular tune-ups to stay reliable and run efficiently. Your air conditioning system does, too.

During your maintenance appointment, our team of experienced technicians will clean and examine the internal components of your machine. We will make sure everything is working efficiently, run an energy efficiency check, and we’ll also clean or replace the filters as needed. If we spot any issues that may cause a problem down the road, we’ll discuss it with you. We will work with you to make any adjustments needed to provide you the reliability and peace of mind you need this season.

Need a maintenance appointment? Or, perhaps, you don’t have an air conditioner installed yet or your machine is decades old. Now is the time to make a change to stay cool and comfortable. We will work with you to find the right air conditioning system or ductless heat pump that works with your home and budget. Contact us today!

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