May 11, 2020
Updated: June 2024

Your air conditioner works hard in the summer to keep you cool. You might wonder about some of those moving parts. One of the most critical components is the compressor. This part is the workhorse of the system that operates basically in the same way as a heart. It uses its power to move air and keep all the components running within your system. Let’s take a deeper look at your air conditioning compressor.

Different Types of AC Systems

In your home, you might have a packaged system for your air conditioning, or you could be using a split system. In either case, these air conditioning systems all use the same components to cool down the home. Within the unit, you will find the compressor. This part controls all the other elements throughout your air conditioning unit. It compresses the refrigerant in your system to cool down that hot and humid area. While the compressor does all the heavy work, the chemical reaction of the refrigerant is critical to maintaining a comfortable home.

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Important Components of Your Cooling System

In addition to the compressor, the evaporator and condenser also work to cool down the air. These parts move the warm air and push it through to the refrigerant. The refrigerant starts as a fluid, and it will absorb the heat of the air. You must be careful with this liquid in your home. If you have any leaks in the refrigerant line, the air cannot get cold. The compressor moves these parts, and it powers them to complete their tasks within your air conditioner. With a faulty compressor, you will be stuck with a home that cannot cool down in the warmer months.

It can take something as simple as a faulty part to cause your compressor to fail. You want to make sure you are maintaining it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Like a car or truck, your air conditioning system needs regular maintenance. If you are looking for a reliable air conditioning company in the Portland area, contact Climate Control.

How Does the Compressor Work?

The process of cooling down your air can be a little complicated. For starters, the compressor will move the outside air into the refrigerant. The refrigerant will take in that heat and convert it into colder air. When the air cools down, the liquid refrigerant turns into a heated vapor. With the extra heat, the refrigerant vapor travels back to the compressor as it pulls the heat out of your home. That excess heated air is moved out of your home via a series of fans and ductwork. The compressor will continue this process until the temperature reaches the same level as your thermostat setting.

Keep up on Compressor Maintenance

As you can tell, the compressor is vital to the operation of your air conditioning system. When it fails, your system will stop running, and you will have an uncomfortable home. Maintenance is essential. With regular maintenance, you can check on the health of your home cooling system and keep those crucial parts in excellent shape.

If you fail to perform regular maintenance, then you might be stuck with expensive repair bills. For the most part, compressors can have hefty repair or replacement costs. In some cases, the parts are covered under warranty, but you might have to pay for labor and other costs. An out of warranty compressor might have you searching for a whole new cooling system. You can avoid all of that by keeping on top of your maintenance schedule. If you find an issue, you can get it resolved before there is significant damage to the unit. When you have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioner, it should last between 10 to 15 years, and sometimes even longer.

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