Improve the Air You Breathe with the Carrier Infinity® Air Purifier

    Carrier Infinity® Air PurifierThe continued trend of spending more time inside our homes has placed a rising premium on our indoor air quality. Keeping you and your family safe from viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted airborne pollutants is a must! To assist homeowners in staying safe and healthy in their homes, our team at Climate Control proudly installs premium Carrier Infinity® Air Purifiers in Portland, OR, and the surrounding communities. These whole-home air purification systems are one of the most technologically advanced IAQ products we install, and come with a wide range of benefits we’re certain you’ll love. You can trust our highly skilled team to install your Infinity Air Purifier to perfect manufacturer standards, and with the level of customer service we’re known for in Portland!

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    The Benefits of the Carrier Infinity

    Captures and Kills Technology
    The air indoors can often be much more polluted than outdoors, much to the surprise of many homeowners. Despite regular cleaning and routine filter changes in your HVAC system, your indoor air supply can still be filled with all types of undesirable contaminants. Even regular chores like cooking and cleaning create volatile organic compounds, or “VOC’s, that deteriorate air quality. Pets can add dander to the air, poor humidity levels contribute to growth, and dirt, dust, and more can be flowing through your air. That’s not to mention bacteria and viruses that can follow you home!
    Viruses and Bacteria
    By installing a Carrier Infinity inside your heating and cooling system, you can treat all of this and more. This state-of-the-art whole-home system is effective in inactivating over 99% of viruses and bacteria like coronavirus, MRSA, the common cold, and more. This system works 24/7, capturing and eliminating both surface and airborne contaminants throughout every area in your home that your heating and cooling systems treat.
    The Carrier Infinity effectively treats:
    • Coronavirus
    • VOCs from cooking and cleaning
    • Allergens
    • Pet dander
    • Bacteria that causes strep throat
    • The influenza virus
    • Dust
    • Mold spores
    • And more

    The Infinity is third-party tested and proven to be effective, so it’s not just us giving you a sales pitch. It really, really works!

    Charge, Capture, Kill

    The Carrier Infinity is easily installed in your HVAC system with no fuss or mess, and requires very little maintenance. By working together with your HVAC system and high efficiency filter, you’ll have a whole-home solution to indoor air quality. The way this incredible device works is best laid out in three simple steps.


    Electrically charged ions are generated that attract airborne contaminants like pollen, germs, bacteria, and more. These ions attach themselves to these particles as they pass through your HVAC system.


    After these ions are attached to the contaminants, a high-efficiency filter with an opposite charge draws them in like a magnet.


    Now that the contaminants have been captured, they are subjected to an intense electrical field. This electrical field “kills” the contaminants to improve your indoor air and keep you safe.

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    If you’re interested in having a Carrier Infinity whole-home air purifier installed, we offer free estimates and more information to make the process as convenient as possible for you. Our entire team is at the ready to help you make your home a safer, more comfortable place to breathe. We can also help you identify your current indoor air quality through an air quality audit to help you figure out the best ways we can help. At Climate Control, we offer a full range of IAQ products and services to help you stay safe and healthy in your Portland area home!

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