December 19, 2020

A furnace that seems to be emitting strange noises may be trying to tell you something. Unusual sounds would understandably catch your attention, causing concern. Instead of worrying, getting everything checked and fixed is a good idea. Knowing some possible causes could help you to take appropriate action. Climate Control in Portland has compiled some information that may help you better understand what’s going on with your heat pump.

What Is a Heat Pump?

In a sense, a heat pump serves as a transfer unit. A heat pump pulls hot air from the exterior and moves the heated air into a house. For some homeowners, a heat pump proves preferable to a furnace. However, a heat pump may run into some issues that could cause it to make noise.

Be aware that different noises may indicate various problems. You might not be able to tell these noises apart, which is why requesting service from a skilled heating technician is a wise decision. Residents in Portland, OR, and neighboring areas have a heating and cooling company available at their disposal. Climate Control offers heating repair and heating maintenance work upon request.

What Is a Heat Pump?

Still, homeowners will benefit from knowing what various noises might mean and the problems they may be causing.

Heat Pump Runs a Little Loud

A “loud” heat pump might not have something wrong with it, as the trouble could be the setting. When placed in “defrost mode,” the pump might make more noise. Expect to hear some sounds when the unit shifts from defrost mode. The system may continue to make concerning noises after switching to a different setting. If so, the issue may be with the compressor or possibly something else.

Clanging Sounds

A clanging sound, like something made of metal hitting another metal object, could be trouble with the fan. The fan blades might continue to hit an object and make the sound. Unfortunately, it may not take too long before the fan suffers damage. The damage might even extend to the motor, so this “minor” issue may be more serious than realized. Hopefully, a routine inspection would uncover any extensive damage, if it exists.

Common heat pump noises

A similar issue could involve rattling, which might indicate something fell into the system and is affecting the fan. The problem might not be exclusive to the fan, as objects in the vent could cause rattling noises as well. Again, objects could cause damage when rattling around the system.

Repeated Cycling

A heat pump may go on and off repeatedly, and the unit may not do so quietly. If the home’s interior temperature reaches the thermostat setting, then the pump would go off. If the temperature drops, then the pump might go on once again. When cycling happens too frequently, there may be a deeper problem causing the issue.

Electricity-Related Issues

A heat pump relies on electrical components to operate. Wires, circuits, and other components inside the system could hum or buzz, which might be normal. Don’t assume all electrical system-related sounds are “no big deal,” though. Crackling could indicate a potential hazard. Problems with an electrical system may raise concerns about fires.

Whistling and Airflow Woes

Not surprisingly, whistling sounds often indicate there’s an issue with the air flowing through the system. Perhaps a dirty filter or something else is obstructing a vent. The problem might not seem catastrophic, but making any DIY determinations could end up backfiring. A dirty filter is a simple problem to address. However, it might cause significant issues if left unchanged. A running theme continues here: don’t assume a “little” problem really is something minor.

Whistling and Airflow Woes

Shrieking Sounds and Startling Results

When the heat pump starts to shriek, the sound could scare people in your house. When people shriek, there’s usually something direly wrong. With heat pumps, “dire” might be the right word to describe the problem. The motor might be starting to die out due to issues with the motor bearings. Once the motor goes, the resultant repair cost to fix things could be enormous. And, that’s if the problem is fixable.

Heat Pump Inspections

Annual cleanings and inspections might uncover problems with the heating system that would otherwise go undetected. Even when the unit doesn’t make noises or presents anything concerning, having the equipment checked might be a wise preventive step to take.

Climate Control assists homeowners with heating system-related concerns. We also handle work connected to duct cleaning and indoor air quality. Our business launched in 1989, and we encourage local residents to call and book a service visit from our NATE-certified technicians today. We look forward to serving all of your indoor climate comfort needs.

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