November 10, 2020

November is here and the year is starting to wind down. The cold weather will be coming and you will need a reliable heating system to keep you warm and comfortable. Is your system up to the challenge?

  • #1: Schedule a furnace tune-up.
Heating and cooling companies get busy in the winter with repairs for systems that aren’t working as well as they should. Many times, systems break down or malfunction simply because they haven’t been tuned-up on a regular basis. We recommend annual preventative maintenance appointments for your furnace. Here, we will run an energy efficiency check, clean the air filters, look closely at all of the internal components, and make sure things look good. If there are any problem spots, we will talk to you about them and make sure they’re fixed. Preventative maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your system.
  • #2: Seal your windows and doors. 
Are your windows and doors drafty? If you have windows and doors that are not sealed properly, precious warm air could be leaking out. This causes your system to work harder than necessary. That translates to more strain on your machine and an increase in your utility bill. Caulk or weatherstrip around these areas in your home and if your windows and doors are decades old, consider replacing them.
  • #3: Install a programmable thermostat.
Comfort at a touch of a button – no matter where you’re at: that’s what a programmable thermostat can do. They can help save energy, too. Program the furnace to turn down while you’re at work or sleeping. Then, program it to adjust and turn up before you get home or wake up. Simple adjustments like this will help save energy and money over time.

Winter is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to get your home weatherized for winter and ready to go for the change of season. Contact our experienced team at Climate Control today to get your appointment scheduled for your furnace tune-up, repair, or to talk about a replacement.

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