May 7, 2020

Zoning how it worksHave you experienced the frustration of heading to a room of your house and it is a lot hotter or cooler than the rest of the house? Our team at Climate Control often works on homes with multiple levels, and we often hear that they are finding it difficult to get even temperatures throughout the home. If your upstairs is warmer than the downstairs or some rooms are significantly different in temperature, we understand the frustration. But don’t worry – we can help! Zoning systems are a great option to keep your home comfortable from room to room.

Zoning system details:

A zoned temperature control system is an efficient way to cool or heat your home. It involves using several thermostats throughout the home. They are all wired to one central control panel that pushes air through the home’s ductwork. The thermostats understand each zone and the designated temperature and will open and close dampers to ensure the temperature is correct for each area.

Zoning system benefits:

When you install a zoning system for your home, you will automatically set yourself up for saved utility costs. You will simply need to adjust your temperatures how you want them. Overheating or overcooling your home will increase your energy bill. With a zoning system tailored to your home, each zone will independently cool or heat from room to room. This simple concept means you will see real utility savings at the end of the year.

Another benefit you have from transitioning to a zoning system is reduced wear and tear on your system. Homes with two levels, sunrooms, garages, or basements that require heating or cooling will give you the ability to maintain the same temperature, no matter what room you are in.

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Wondering if a zoning system is right for your home? Contact us today to ask questions and schedule an appointment. We are standing by to help get a reliable system in place for you in time for the upcoming warm months.
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