As a leading HVAC contractor in Gresham, OR, Climate Control takes pride in providing professional heating and cooling services to fulfill all of your needs. Being a locally owned and operated HVAC company serving the greater Portland area since 1989, we’ve earned a reputation for quality, integrity, and reliable customer service. If your system isn’t keeping your house warm enough in the winter or cool enough in the summer, let a seasoned heating and cooling contractor provide the necessary solution.

    HVAC Contractor in Hillsboro, OR

    Gresham HVAC Contractor for Repairs

    Heating and cooling equipment fails more frequently as it ages. Call our team for HVAC repairs as soon as you notice problems such as poor temperature control, strange noises, or higher energy bills. We have extensive experience troubleshooting furnaces, heat pumps, central air conditioners, and other HVAC systems.

    Our technicians take the time to properly diagnose problems before making recommendations, so you only pay for the repairs needed. We even offer 24/7 emergency HVAC repair service when issues arise overnight or on weekends.

    There are numerous signs to look out for that will alert you when your system needs service:
    • Inconsistent heating or cooling
    • Unusual smells or sounds
    • Visible damage or leaks
    • Frequent cycling
    • Higher energy bills

    Heating and Cooling Contractor for Installations

    If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old or requires frequent repairs, replacement may be a better, more cost-effective option. As a leading local HVAC contractor in Gresham, OR, we have extensive experience installing all types of heating and cooling systems tailored to the size and layout of homes in the area.

    We keep up with the latest energy-efficient technology, so we can recommend ideal systems to reduce your energy use. Let us walk you through the options to find which new AC unit, heat pump, or furnace makes the most sense for your home and comfort needs. We also offer financing plans on approved credit to help spread out payments over time.

    Gresham HVAC Maintenance Service

    Do not wait until there are problems before contacting your heating and cooling contractor! Our experienced technicians provide preventative maintenance to help reduce the need for repairs in the future. To ensure safe and efficient operation, we thoroughly clean the equipment, change the filters, check the refrigerant levels, inspect the ducts for leaks, and test everything.

    As your trusted local HVAC contractor in Gresham, we want to keep your system running smoothly so you can enjoy maximum comfort and energy savings. Contact us to learn about our maintenance agreements designed to catch potential problems early.

    For reliable, dependable service in Gresham, call a trusted HVAC contractor like Climate Control to schedule an appointment!

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