February 5, 2021

We know you have a lot of things on your to-do list. But changing your air filter is one of those easy, quick to-dos that will reap big rewards. The air filter in your heating system plays a really big role in its overall operation. Here’s why it’s important to change it regularly.
Your air filters capture dust, debris, and other particles that try to wiggle their way into the various rooms of your home. If this stuff gets into your actual system, it could cause big problems. The filter prevents this debris from getting inside and ensures that the air you breathe isn’t contaminated. However, if you neglect regular air filter cleaning or changing, it will get clogged. This restricts airflow. And that translates to a system that’s working harder than necessary.

Climate Control Experts recommend changing or cleaning your filter every 1 to 2 months. This is especially true if you have pets in the home. If you neglect this simple home maintenance task it could cause some of these issues:

Decreased efficiency:

Your machine is meant to bring air into the home. But when the filter is clogged, the system will struggle to circulate the air. That means it uses more energy and will increase your utility bill. Dirty filters can also cause short cycles in the system, which adds extra strain to the system.

Greater wear and tear:

If your system is working harder than needed, over time it will increase the wear and tear. That means you could be prone to expensive repairs or an unexpected system breakdown. Air filter changes are easy but finding the money for an expensive repair is often not that simple.
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