November 14, 2019

Winter and Fall in the Pacific Northwest can bring some chilly days. That means you want your home to keep you warm, no matter what’s happening with the weather outside. Now is a great time to get your residential furnace system serviced. Not sure why preventative maintenance on your furnace is important? Here are the top two reasons why.

#1: Regular servicing keeps your system more reliable

Just like you keep the oil changed on your vehicle regularly to keep it running smoothly, your furnace needs the same attention. Regular preventative maintenance means we will give your system a close look. Our team will check all the internal components to ensure they’re working properly, change or clean air filters, and run an energy efficiency check. We will point out any potential issues that we see and provide recommendations on repair or replacement. No one wants their furnace to break down in the middle of a cold day. Regular professional maintenance will ensure that your system is reliable.

#2: Regular servicing keeps your home and family safe

Furnaces keep you and your family warm, but if the system is neglected, there may be leaks that could allow harmful gas like carbon monoxide or burning fuel into the air you breathe. Also, if the system has any internal components that are damaged or broken, like broken wires, these could become a fire hazard and could cause damage if ignited. Keeping on top of preventative maintenance means that we will help spot these potential hazards before they become problems.

Regular maintenance on the furnace will also help it last longer. These machines will usually last 10 to 15 years if they are taken care of well, but if you neglect regular maintenance, you are risking having to replace it earlier than that. Here at Climate Control, we want each of our residential customers to stay comfortable all season long, so contact us today to get your preventative maintenance appointment scheduled.

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