March 2, 2021

Spring is right around the corner. Is your HVAC system ready for the change of season? Spring weather means more sun, blooming flowers, and hopefully less heat usage! Here are some reasons why you should get your system tuned up and ready for spring.

#1: It helps prolong the life of the system.

Did you know that if you neglect the preventative maintenance on your machine, you may be shortening its lifespan? Let the team at Climate Control check out your system to make sure it’s functioning at its peak. Regular maintenance will ensure that all internal components are working properly and that the machine won’t experience a premature, unnecessary engine failure. If there are any red flags during your maintenance appointment, we’ll go over them with you so you can decide what needs to happen next. Our goal is for you to stay comfortable all season long!

#2: It helps save energy.

A system that is working harder than it has to use using excessive amounts of energy. This is not great for the environment, and it also causes your utility bills to increase. During your tune-up, we’ll change or replace filters and run an energy efficiency test, so you know that everything is running at maximum efficiency.

#3: It helps with cleaner air.

Springtime means allergies for many Pacific Northwest residents. And if you neglect regular filter cleanings, chances are your filter is clogged with lots of dust, debris, and other allergens that contribute to nasty allergies. A tuned-up system with clean air filters will help with indoor air quality. That means you’ll be breathing cleaner air and that’s a win for everyone!

Our expert team at Climate Control is ready to get your system ready for spring. Contact us today to schedule your preventative maintenance appointment or to talk to us about getting a new system installed for the upcoming season. Let us help you stay comfortable during this season change!

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