January 8, 2020

Winter is here and our area even has some snowflakes in the forecast. Cold temperatures are here to stay for the time being, and that means your furnace needs to be able to keep you warm. Follow this simple winter checklist for your heating system to make sure it is functioning at its peak.

What tips should homeowners follow?

  • Avoid vent obstructions:
  • Vents around your home should not be covered up, closed, or blocked. Ensure that all furniture or drapes are not preventing air from flowing freely from each vent. Blocked vents not only keep warm air from coming in, but it also makes your furnace work harder than necessary. That could cause problems for your heating system.

  • Don’t ignore strange sounds or smells:
  • If you notice any unusual sounds or smells coming from your machine, don’t ignore them. These could be signs that something is wrong with the system and it could pose a safety threat to you or your loved ones. Call our team right away if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

  • Keep air filters clean/replaced:
  • Your furnace air filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly, usually every other month. This helps extend the life of your system and also helps keep your energy bill from getting too high.

  • Keep outside unit clear:
  • Dirt, debris, ice, and snow can accumulate on or around your heating unit outside. Keep the unit as clean as possible so it can maintain proper heating levels and function without issue. If there are leaves or other debris that pile up or get inside the internal portion of the unit, you could be looking at an expensive repair later down the road.

  • Make sure all internal components are working well:
  • Our experienced team at Climate Control will make sure that your gas connections, heat exchanger, and any other electrical components inside your heating system are functioning well. No one wants to have a furnace breakdown in the middle of winter! Internal parts can easily break down without professional maintenance.

  • Check for blockages:
  • Our trained heating specialists will ensure that blowers, indoor coils, and ducts are not blocked. These could become a fire hazard or safety hazard if not repaired right away.

By following this checklist, you will be able to rely on your heating system all winter long. Don’t be left out in the cold this season. Contact our team at Climate Control to schedule your furnace repair or preventative maintenance appointment, or to talk to us about how we can help get a new heat pump or furnace installed.

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