February 7, 2024

Temperatures this winter have been cold and with winter not over yet, it’s important to make sure your commercial furnace can keep up. Have you had the system professional tuned up recently? Keep reading to see the benefits of regular commercial maintenance.

#1: It reduces your risk of the furnace breaking.

It can be stressful to have your furnace fail unexpectedly – especially if you have employees, customers, or products in the building. Because we know that Oregon winters can get chilly, it’s important to make sure your commercial building keeps warm, no matter how terrible the weather is outside. Annual system tune-ups with our team of licensed experts at Climate Control ensures your system will run reliably.

#2: It creates a safer work environment.

You have put a lot into making sure your business is a success. Protecting your employees and the products and services you provide plays a big role in your business achievements. But, if you neglect the basics of furnace care, you could be putting your building, your employees, and your products at risk. Without regular maintenance, the machine could be neglected with broken wires, leaks, or other malfunctioning parts that could become a threat to safety. If those issues aren’t taken care of, you could be at risk of gas leaks or electric problems, which can be hazardous.

#3: It helps identify issues before they become problems.

Professional tune-ups include a thorough check of the internal and external components of your commercial furnace, in addition to checking if it’s running efficiently. This is the time when our experts can help identify any potential issues that could turn into problem spots later. Not sure how old your commercial furnace is and if it’s worth repairing? We will discuss whether a replacement or repair is more cost effective in the long run. Chances are, if the machine is more than 15 years old, it could start to slow down and ultimately cost you more to operate and repair. A new system will save energy and be more reliable.

Climate Control is your trusted source for commercial furnace services. We recognize how important your business is to your livelihood and will work to keep your space heated and comfortable this winter. Call us today to set up your maintenance plan or to talk about replacement options. We look forward to helping!

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