April 3, 2024
Energy Savings Tips for Earth Day 2024

At Climate Control, we believe it is important to steward the Earth well – and that goes beyond just being mindful of how we care for the environment around us. It requires action, too.

Did you know that this year, Earth Day falls on April 22?

As Earth Day approaches, we’ve listed a couple of simple ways you can save energy and do your part to reduce negative impacts on the Earth. Where should you start? Look no further than your heating and cooling system!

#1. Schedule a professional tune-up.

Spring is the ideal time to start tackling your home to-do list. Is your annual HVAC tune-up on your list? This should be a high priority. That’s because regular preventative maintenance helps keep your system running well, but it also reduces energy waste. Tune-ups keep the machine operating at peak efficiency throughout the year – despite what type of weather we have. Our licensed professionals at Climate Control will closely inspect your system to make sure it’s running at maximum energy efficiency.

We’ll also clean or replace your air filters, which can also reduce energy usage and minimize wear and tear on your machine. If there is anything that needs to be repaired or adjusted, we’ll talk to you about those. Professional maintenance gives homeowners and business owners the peace of mind they need, so they won’t fret about skyrocketing utility bills or expensive system breakdowns. We also offer a professional maintenance plan, read about it here!

#2. Use a programmable thermostat.

Does your thermostat work properly? A faulty thermostat could cause increased energy usage, which translates to a strained heating and cooling system and ultimately, a negative impact on the environment. Programmable thermostats are one way to do your part in reducing energy usage, while keeping your home or office heated or cooled evenly.
How it works: a programmable thermostat allows you to program the temperature to what you want, then adjust it accordingly – whether you’re away from home or not.

For example, if you plan to go to work from 8am to 5pm, program the thermostat to turn up or down a few degrees while you’re away, then program it to turn back up or down an hour before you get home. That way, you’re not using energy and heating an empty home when you’re gone and don’t need it. The best part: these thermostats can be used in combination with almost any existing heating and cooling system that you already have. Call our team today to learn more about which product can work for you. Learn more about our product offerings here!

Making a conscious decision to keep our Earth beautiful and safe for future generations is important. So, whether it’s learning how to compost, riding your bike more often and using less gas in your car, or setting annual reminders to have your professional HVAC tune-up, Earth Day is a great time to think about new ways to save energy.

Our team at Climate Control is ready to schedule your tune-up, provide a quote for a new, energy efficient furnace or air conditioning system, or answer questions about programmable thermostats. Call us today!

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