December 17, 2023
Heating system in Portland, OR

We’ve just turned our calendar to a new year which means a fresh start for the coming days. Saving money might be on your list of goals for 2024. That’s why it’s important to avoid expensive emergency repairs on your heating system this winter. This can be stressful! Here are some simple ways to avoid a potential heating system disaster.

#1: Schedule your professional tune-up

Just like an oil change in your car or a checkup at the doctor, your heating system needs to be taken care of as well. Annual tune-ups are the best way to do that. Did you know that neglecting this type of maintenance on your machine is one of the most common reasons for emergency system services calls? At the time of your appointment, our Climate Control technicians will check the internal components of the system, clean or replace filters, ensure it’s running at peak efficiency, and point out any issues that could turn into a problem later. If there is a problem, make sure things are fixed as quickly as possible. Professional maintenance also helps you save energy and prolong the life of the system, so you can rest knowing it’s working as it should.

#2: Avoid do-it-yourself repairs

Your heating system is a big financial investment for your home. It’s also complex and needs to be repaired by a licensed heating and cooling expert. These machines have electrical components and other parts that require special training on how to handle them. If you don’t know how to properly work with those, it could be dangerous. Not to mention, if something is repaired incorrectly, it could be a safety hazard for your home and could also void any warranties on the machine. In the end, this could cause you more money and an even greater headache.

#3: Don’t ignore unusual sounds or smells

Is your machine making a strange sound? Perhaps you notice a distinct odor coming from the vents. These could indicate a problem that needs to be checked out by our team at Climate Control. Ignoring them could cause damage to the machine, which could lead to an expensive and maybe even avoidable problem.

#4: Replace old, inefficient machines

If your heating system is more than 15 years old, chances are it is more prone to break down. How much money are you paying for repairs every year on the machine? If it’s a significant amount, it might be worth it to consider replacing it. This could save you money in the long run, give you the reliability you need, and even help reduce your carbon footprint with saved energy. Our team at Climate Control can provide heating replacement options within your budget, so contact us today for your appointment.

This year, you might be planning for what’s ahead and looking forward to exciting possibilities. Is your home in need a new, energy efficient furnace in 2024? Perhaps you simply need a reminder to stay on top of the professional maintenance this winter. Call our team of experts at Climate Control today to schedule your appointment!

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