February 14, 2024
How to Choose the Right Gas Furnace For Your Home

Selecting the right gas furnace for your home is a decision that goes beyond providing comfort to your living space. It ensures that energy bills are pocket friendly and the environment is not harmed. A gas furnace is a long-term purchase, and choosing the right model involves considering many factors. Luckily, our experts at Climate Control are here to help you navigate through understanding the various types of gas furnaces and important factors to note when choosing one.

Understanding the Types of Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces come in three main types: single-stage, two-stage and modulating. All types have their specific operational modes and advantages.

Single-Stage Furnaces

These are the basic models of gas furnaces. They operate on the principle that the furnace is either on or off. When switched on, the furnace operates at full capacity, providing maximum heat output. Such furnaces are usually cheaper, but they can cause uneven heating and higher energy bills because of the on/off operation.

Two-Stage Furnaces

Two-stage furnaces can operate at two levels: high for cold days and low for milder ones. The ability of these furnaces to control the flame and heat generated makes them more energy efficient when compared to single-stage models. They offer even temperatures within the home and are less noisy.

Modulating Furnaces

These are the most modern and effective gas furnaces. They can vary their level of heat output in minor increments to suit the heating requirements of your home. This accuracy regulation produces the best efficiency, uniform heating and better indoor air quality.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gas Furnace

When choosing a gas furnace for your home, pay attention to these factors.

Heating Capacity

The heating capacity of a furnace is measured in British thermal units (BTUs). A furnace that is too powerful will cycle on and off too frequently. Conversely, a furnace with a BTU rating that’s too low will struggle to heat your home adequately. For this reason, you need to consult with an HVAC professional from Climate Control to assist you in choosing the right BTU rating for your specific needs.

Fuel Source

Gas furnaces use natural gas or propane as their fuel sources. This means that your choice should be made with reference to the prices and availability of these fuels in your region. In urban areas, natural gas is often more cost-effective than other alternatives and can be found in large supplies. On the other hand, propane may be a better choice if you reside in a rural area where the availability of natural gas is limited. Compare the long-term cost and level of convenience associated with each fuel source before you choose.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

The energy efficiency in gas furnaces is measured by the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. The AFUE represents the percentage of fuel that is converted into usable heat. So, you should choose a furnace with a higher AFUE rating for better efficiency.

Climate Control recommends choosing ENERGY STAR-certified furnaces with AFUE ratings between 80% and 98%. These furnaces meet the strict energy efficiency standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to minimize environmental impact.

Budget and Long-Term Expenses

Along with the initial cost, it’s important to assess the long-term costs of the gas furnace you select. An expensive furnace may lead to long-term savings due to its increased efficiency. A cheap one might cost you more for energy over time. Compare your budget of options and calculate the possible future costs versus benefits when making your choice.


This factor requires evaluating the size of your house, how well it is insulated, the square footage, how many windows it has and the climate in your area. An HVAC technician then does a load calculation to determine which furnace size will fit best in your home.

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