June 7, 2021
Cleaning AC Unit in Portland, Oregon

With temperatures starting to really heat up, it’s a good time to make sure your air conditioning unit is ready to tackle the rest of the summer weather. It is uncomfortable to have a home or office that is hot and muggy! Here are some tips on how to prepare your air conditioning system for summer.

#1: Clean the unit

To get the indoor portion of your unit ready, make sure all air filters are cleaned or replaced. These have debris and dust built up over time, which can cause the system to run less efficiently. Clean air filters improve the airflow and enhance the energy efficiency portion of the air conditioner’s function. Next, make sure the outdoor part of the unit is clear of any debris, grass, or other items that could impact how the system works. Make sure the visible coils of the machine are cleaned off, ensuring no mud, debris, or other dust is on it. Also, clear any weeds, branches, twigs, or other grass clippings around the outdoor unit, as these things can get into the system and circulate it into the inside air you breathe.

#2: Schedule preventative maintenance

Having annual preventative maintenance conducted on your machine makes sure everything is working in peak condition at the onset of the summer. Our experts at Climate Control will inspect the internal components of the system, making sure they are in good condition. We’ll also perform an energy efficiency check and let you know if we spot any parts that may pose a problem later down the road. If repairs are essential, we will talk with you about those and determine what is the highest priority. Maintenance appointments are beneficial because our trained HVAC technicians can find hidden issues before they become big problems that require emergency repairs.

Contact us today to get your maintenance appointment scheduled, or to learn more about how we can help with air conditioner repairs or a full replacement. Your summer should be full of fun in the sun, with a cool place to come home to. We look forward to talking to you about your air conditioning options!

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