January 3, 2022
HVAC Snow Preparation in Portland, OR

The outdoor unit for your heating system is meant to withstand all sorts of weather. But snow and ice can be particularly damaging. That’s why it is important for you to protect your unit. Here are some tips on how to do that.

#1: Don’t let snow or ice accumulate on it.

Because we don’t get huge snow events very often, it can be exciting to see the snow coming down. However, if snow or ice starts building up around your HVAC unit, it could cause your system to freeze. This means the system could shutdown entirely and you’ll be left with no heat. Make sure there are no hanging icicles hanging over the unit, and if keep the area around the unit clear of accumulated snow or ice. Wipe off snow from the top and sides of the unit, too. If you have ice on there, be sure not to use sharp objects that could damage the coils.

#2: Make sure tree branches are cleared away.

Heavy snow and ice can cause tree branches to snap. If you have these near your unit, they could fall and damage your outdoor HVAC unit. So, be sure you keep tree branches trimmed, so if we do get more snow, the limbs or branches won’t break off and cause serious damage.

#3: Stay on top of preventative maintenance.

Routine maintenance on your furnace is part of keeping your system running well and at peak efficiency. We will be sure to clean and check the internal components of the system, in addition to changing air filters and running energy efficiency checks. If there is anything that needs to be repaired or adjusted, we will do that. Routine checkups from the professionals at Climate Control will help keep prolong the life of your system and ensure that you won’t experience an expensive breakdown on a cold winter day.

Our experts at Climate Control will ensure your furnace system is ready to tackle whatever winter weather comes our way this season. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance appointment, or to have us help with a repair or full furnace replacement. We will help keep you comfortable, no matter how cold the winter weather gets!

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