February 7, 2022
Commercial Furnace Maintenance in Portland, OR

Winter is still here, and temperatures are still cold. Your commercial furnace will still be needed for a while, so remembering to service it regularly is important. Why? We’ll explain.

#1: Regular maintenance minimizes your risk of a complete system breakdown.

Pacific Northwest winters are chilly. Your commercial building needs to stay warm, no matter what the weather does. Annual maintenance appointments with our team of experts at Climate Control ensures your system is ready to go. Experiencing an unexpected failure of your heating system can not only be expensive, but stressful, too.

#2: Commercial tune-ups create a safer work environment for your team.

You work hard to turn a profit for your business and protecting your employees and your products is incredibly important. But, if your system is neglected, leaks, broken wires, or other malfunctioning furnace components could pose a safety threat. Sometimes, a broken furnace translates to a risk of gas leaks or electric issues, which could be incredibly dangerous.

#3: Tune-ups help you determine if your system needs replacing or not.

Having professional tune-ups will help identify any issues that could be problems later down the road. And if the system is not repairable, we can talk about getting a replacement scheduled as soon as possible. Not sure how old your commercial furnace is? Chances are if you can’t remember when it was installed, it may be at the end of its lifespan. Or, if you have had multiple repairs on the same machine in the last year or two, it might not be worth putting any more money into. Money on repairs could be put toward a new system that is reliable and can last you for many years to come.

Climate Control has worked with a variety of commercial clients. We understand that your business needs to stay up and running as comfortably as possible. Contact us today for details on schedule your commercial furnace tune-up or to talk about a replacement. We’re standing by to help!

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