March 5, 2024
Why spring time is the best time for AC tune up

It has been a cold and gray winter and the longer and warmer days of spring are coming. Is your heating and cooling system ready for the new season? Springtime is the ideal time to get your system professionally tuned up. That way, you can rest knowing everything is running efficiently, no matter what type of weather comes our way. Here are some additional reasons to schedule your maintenance appointment this spring.

#1: Tune-Ups Help Your System Last Longer

Neglecting preventative maintenance on your machine can cause problems. Not only do you increase the risk of unexpected system breakdowns, but you could also be contributing to its shortened lifespan. Our licensed team of professionals at Climate Control will thoroughly check your system to ensure it’s functioning at its peak! We’ll look closely at the internal components, so you’re assured the machine stops working prematurely. If we find any issues or red flags during your maintenance appointment, we’ll point those out and find the best solution. It’s our goal to make sure you’re comfortable and that your system operates as it should.

#2: Tune-Ups Help Conserve Energy

If your HVAC system is working harder than it needs to, it will use more energy. This is not only bad for the environment, but it can cause your utility bill to increase. During your maintenance appointment, we will change or replace air filters, and conduct an energy efficiency test. This will let us know if things are running at ultimate efficiency, or if something needs to be adjusted.

#3: Maintenance Can Help With Indoor Air Quality

As the Pacific Northwest wakes up from winter and starts blooming, springtime allergies can start to increase! During the maintenance of your machine, you’ll be able to clean or replace your filters. If that is forgotten throughout the year, chances are your filter is clogged with dust, debris, or other allergens that can contribute to uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Clean filters translate to cleaner air and that helps bolster indoor air quality.

Our experts at Climate Control will help get your system ready in time for springtime. Call us today to schedule your preventative maintenance appointment for your heating maintenance or cooling maintenance to talk to us about installing a new system for the change of season. We’re standing by to help keep you comfortable all season long!

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