June 7, 2023
AC Maintenance in Portland, OR

Warmer weather is here and with summer right around the schedule, it’s important to make sure your air conditioning is ready. Professional AC maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure the machine can handle the heat. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t neglect this important to-do.

Professional Maintenance Helps Keep Your System Working Longer

Purchasing and installing an air conditioning system for your home or business is an investment. That’s why you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Our trained and experienced technicians will check all internal components, replace or clean the air filters, and run an energy efficiency check. If there are any potential problem areas or repairs needed, we’ll discuss those with you and get them fixed quickly. Annual maintenance is one of the best ways to spot problems before they become big headaches and will ultimately help prolong the life of the system.

Regular Maintenance Means Reliability

When you go to turn on your air conditioning system, you don’t want it to have any problems – especially on a hot day. An air conditioner break down is a hassle and can be incredibly uncomfortable on a spring or summer day. A reliable system gives you the peace of mind you need going into this next season.

Tune-Ups Help Save Energy

Want to do something good for the environment? How about putting more money in your wallet? Saving energy will do both. An air conditioning system that runs at optimal efficiency will save money on your utility bill and use less energy, helping conserve nature’s resources. In addition, if it’s not straining to work, then the machine will have less wear and tear over time.

Professional maintenance is a win for everyone – for us helping you, for you and your comfort, and for the environment. Call our team at Climate Control today to schedule your professional air conditioning tune-up or to learn about a full AC replacement. We look forward to helping you stay comfortable as the summer weather kicks into high gear!

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