AC Repair in Oregon City, ORAt Climate Control, we know you may recognize the need for cooling repair in Oregon City, OR before it becomes obvious. It’s important to trust your instincts. Sometimes, that nagging feeling is just a reminder to replace the AC filter regularly, but it could be that you’ve noticed a change. We have decades of AC service experience in Oregon City, and that includes plenty of time listening to homeowners like you about your concerns. We find and fix trouble based on your clues, often before it leads to an urgent call to our AC care team.

    Experienced Air Conditioner Repairs in Oregon City

    As a homeowner, you’re always aware of things around your house, even if you’re not sure why. For your AC, perhaps the fan on the condenser unit outside isn’t running periodically anymore, or there’s a new noise in your air handling unit inside. A noise, odor, or a change in how often the system operates could also be a clue that something’s up. You don’t have to be hot to know it’s time for cooling repair. When our experienced AC technician arrives and fixes that condenser unit fan, you’ll avoid a high energy bill and help your system stop struggling to keep you cool. Solving the air handling unit noise can avoid a fan failure. Taking care of your air conditioning system prolongs its service life.

    Experienced Air Conditioner Repairs in Oregon City

    Taking timely action on AC concerns saves energy and stress on your system:
    • Spike in energy costs
    • Constant operation without reaching thermostat setting
    • Unusual sounds or smells near AC equipment
    • Dirty or damaged unit after stormy weather

    Think about beginning the cooling season with regular maintenance where our technicians can catch AC repair problems early! During annual AC service, we clean your system, service it, and find signs of emerging trouble before it gets worse.

    Your Expert AC Service Team

    NATE Certified TechniciansAt Climate Control, we send our NATE-certified AC service professionals to take care of your cooling equipment. They’re highly trained and experienced with all types of equipment, and also skilled at customer service. We listen to you, find your AC’s problems, and explain our proposed solution before proceeding. We usually have the parts in our vehicles, and our care is available for critical issues. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Since 1989, when we began as a commercial AC company, we’ve had a high standard of professional service which we now bring home to you.

    Are you thinking about AC repair in Oregon City? At Climate Control, our technicians keep your system going strong or get it back in working order, fast. Call today! Not looking for AC repair? We also provide heating repair as well as AC installation and AC maintenance.