November 1, 2023
Winter HVAC in Portland, OR

Cold temperatures have arrived and it’s important to keep your heating system in top shape so you can stay comfortable. Here are some important tips for keeping your heating system protected from cold weather.

Check for air leaks

Look around your home. Are there windows that are leaking cold air in and warm air out? When this happens, your heating system works harder to keep your home or business warm. This puts unnecessary strain on the machine and could cause it to prematurely break down. Seal cracks in your windows or doors and ensure you have enough quality insulation in your attic or basement. When these things work together, your heating system can do its job and be a reliable source of comfort for you.

Keep vents clear

Inside your home or business, make sure the heating vents are clear. Obstructing them with furniture, rugs, or other obstacles will block the airflow and cause your furnace to work too hard. This can increase your energy bills and put extra wear and tear on the machine. Over time, this could cause problems that require repair or even a full replacement.

Keep your heating system professionally maintained

Professional maintenance on your furnace system is critical. We recommend annual tune ups to ensure everything is operating at peak efficiency. We’ll check for anything that may be not functioning properly, clean and/or replace air filters, and run an energy efficiency check. If anything is amiss, we’ll discuss that with you and ensure a repair is completed as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget to clean or change your air filters

Your air filters should be replaced monthly, or bi-monthly, depending on how much your furnace is being used. Clean air filters help the furnace system to operate at optimal efficiency. In addition, it ensures you’re breathing cleaner air.

Don’t mess with the thermostat

Find a comfortable temperature and keep your thermostat set. Changing it up or down can cause the system to work harder than necessary, which can cause utility bills to skyrocket.

While you brace yourself for even colder winter temperatures that will arrive soon, call our experienced team of professionals at Climate Control. We’ll help get your furnace system tuned up or repaired so you can rely on it throughout the fall and winter months. Or, if you need a replacement, we can help with that, too. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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