December 5, 2023
Furnace maintenance in Portland, OR

It’s getting colder outside and that means one thing: winter is almost here. Is your furnace up for the task of keeping you warm and comfortable all season long? Follow these checklist items to ensure your furnace is ready to go.

    ✔️ Don’t block vents: The vents around your home or commercial space should always be unobstructed. If the vents are blocked, warm air can’t make it inside, and it also causes the furnace to work harder than necessary. Not to mention, if warm air isn’t making it into certain rooms, the temperatures from room to room will be uneven and uncomfortable.

    ✔️ Regularly clean and replace air filters: Your air filters might not be easily seen, but they play a big role in how your furnace functions. We recommend cleaning or replacing your air filters every one to two months. This keeps your system running at peak efficiency, and it also helps save energy. That means you aren’t as likely to see a big spike in energy costs.

    ✔️ Get a professional tune-up: Call the professionals at Climate Control to get your furnace professionally tuned up. Our trained team will inspect blowers, indoor coils, ducts, and other internal portions of the machine. We will also ensure that all electrical connections are secure and that the furnace is working at optimal efficiency. This means you can rest assured that it is running well and you’re less prone to an unexpected system failure or breakdown.

Is your gas furnace more than 15 or 20 years old? Or perhaps it has been repaired a lot in recent years. If that’s the case, it might be time to consider getting your furnace replaced this winter. This will help save money long term on expensive repairs or excess money in energy usage.

We understand this is a big investment for your home or commercial space – that’s why we work to find the right system within your budget. Call us today to schedule your tune-up, repair, or to get a free quote on a new system this winter.

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