During routine heating maintenance in Hillsboro, OR, Climate Control will thoroughly inspect your unit to look for signs of damage, clean all parts and components and recalibrate everything. The furnace tune-up takes less than a day to complete, but will prolong equipment life and keep your unit running as efficiently as possible. We’ll realign all shifted components and parts and lubricate all moving parts.

    Furnace Maintenance in Hillsboro, OR

    The recommendation is to schedule heating maintenance at least once a year. An unserviced unit can drop as much as 5% in efficiency each year. While you might not notice a difference if you miss one service, the drops in efficiency can add up. After several years, you might notice a huge difference. In fact, not servicing your unit can permanently damage it.

    Benefits of Regular Heating Maintenance

    The best time to call us for a furnace tune-up in Hillsboro is during mid-to-late fall or during early winter. You want to avoid getting the service in the dead of winter. If there’s anything wrong with the unit, you’ll end up experiencing lengthy service disruptions, which means you’ll have to bundle up instead! If you get the service early on, you’ll be able to reap all of the benefits of the maintenance, as your system will be in tiptop shape.

    Routine maintenance makes a huge difference. We highly recommend that you get your unit tuned-up regularly, so you can enjoy the following:
    • Reduced need for repairs
    • Lower cost of repairs over time
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Quiet, or silent, operation
    • Higher efficiency and performance

    You might not notice a difference at first. However, if you compare a unit that has been regularly serviced with one that hasn’t, the difference will be obvious. You’ll most likely notice that one unit is a lot more responsive and uses up a lot less energy to keep the home warm.

    Quality Furnace Tune-Up in Hillsboro

    Climate Control CharacterFounded in 1989, Climate Control has immense experience in maintaining all major furnace types, brands and models. We aim to provide some of the best heating services in the area, and our workmanship lasts! We understand that the industry is constantly evolving, so our HVAC technicians receives regular education on the latest technologies, techniques and tools. In addition to exemplary quality work, our team treats each client fairly and honestly. We are always on your side, and will go out of the way to find the best solutions available for you. no matter the service, your satisfaction remains our top priority!

    Don’t forget to book furnace maintenance in Hillsboro with Climate Control today! It’ll make a huge difference in the long run.

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    Not looking for a heating tune up? We also offer expert furnace repair, furnace installation, and AC maintenance service!